The Bankrobber

The Bankrobber 1.1

In The Bank Robber, you play an ex-convict that is putting together a team
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In this game you will gather your gang of thugs, were each thug will have his or her own specialty, and take on the big banks and the highly-trained SWAT teams! You will have to select the best team and give them the most efficient tools for the job. If you have the right gang and the right tools, your job will be easier and you can leave the bank alive, free and RICH!
Robbing a bank isn`t easy. You will need to plan the job, disable the security, avoid the guards and sneak your way into the fault. Be sure to stay alert, because jobs will become harder over time! Study all the information and plan a strategy. Operate in extreme stealth mode. Whatever you do... don't get caught and end up in prison again!

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